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Aliso Viejo Bankruptcy Lawyer

Are you suffering from too much debt?

There are countless individuals and couples throughout the Aliso Viejo area that are struggling with unmanageable debt with no end in sight. If you are under severe financial stress, are constantly being hounded by creditors and are unable to manage making the payments on your credit cards, loans and other debts, you need help from an Aliso Viejo bankruptcy attorney from Rasla & Associates. The firm has over 15 years of experience and offers their services to individuals and families throughout the area who are in need of help in debt relief. Filing for bankruptcy is often the best possible solution that brings the maximum relief and discharge of debt.

Bankruptcy Attorney serving Aliso Viejo

If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, it is likely that you are under severe financial stress and need a solution that will finally get it under control. There are great opportunities offered under the federal bankruptcy laws to get a fresh financial start through filing either chapter 7 or chapter 13. At the firm, the attorney will assist you through every step of the process, including the means test, which is a requirement under federal law. This test is highly complex and must be submitted with 100% accuracy. Any errors or omissions can create long delays, a denial of the opportunity to file for bankruptcy or even legal problems.

The attorney can advise you about all of the bankruptcy benefits, the questions you have about life after bankruptcy such as your credit, ability to purchase on time payments and other questions, and can explain the bankruptcy exemptions. The bankruptcy timeline allows you to get relief from creditor calls, letters and lawsuits almost immediately, as there is an automatic stay in all collections actions once your petition is filed.

You likely need help to determine the issues about qualifying for bankruptcy, and you may have heard many bankruptcy myths. You should always ensure that your information is from a trusted source such as the attorney at the firm, as you could make a wrong move that will create real problems for you later. There are various potential alternatives to bankruptcy that the attorney can discuss with you after evaluating your individual financial situation. If you are a victim of creditor harassment, there is legal action that could be taken to hold any collection agency accountable for violations of your consumer rights, and they may be required to pay you damages.

The firm also offers legal counsel in foreclosure defense, and other alternatives that could serve you and allow you to get relief from unmanageable mortgage payments. If are interested in discharging your debt, including credit card debt, medical bills, being able to stop any threat of repossession, and ending wage garnishment, the firm can help. Why hire a bankruptcy attorney? The process is complex and you don't want to get it wrong. You also need to ensure that you gain every possible advantage if you are going to file for bankruptcy. The attorney from the firm is very qualified to assist you, and returns all calls within 24 hours.

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Contact an Aliso Viejo bankruptcy lawyer from Rasla & Associates for the quality of legal representation you need when you are suffering from extreme financial difficulties.

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