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Irvine Bankruptcy Attorney

Qualified Representation in Irvine, CA Bankruptcy

Peter Rasla & Associates, P.L.C., is a bankruptcy law firm in Irvine, California. When you get in touch with their office, an Irvine bankruptcy lawyer will meet with you free of charge and spend time finding the solution that works best for your specific needs. Their service is tailored to each client and they take into account the desired outcome that the client is looking for. They will look at your financial circumstances to assess which debt solution option is right. From there they begin developing a plan that can help meet these goals. Whether you are an individual, sole proprietor, or a large business owner, an attorney from the firm will devise the best plan to deal with your debt, allowing you a fresh start or needed assistance to get back on your feet.

Many honest and hardworking people are suffering from extreme financial stress due to circumstances beyond their control. They may have been caught in the mortgage meltdown and are facing outrageously high payments on a property that is costing them far beyond its current market value. Some have had a medical emergency that resulted in unmanageable medical bills, loss of employment or a reduced income. For some individuals they don't need to start over with their finances; they simply need help getting a handle on their different expenses. Bankruptcy can be adjusted and there are different forms of it that are better suited depending on the situation. The team at the firm is here to help and they have found resolutions to debt in all types of circumstances.

Bankruptcy can require a lot of strategy and careful attention to details. A professional understands the importance to fully assessing a financial situation and developing a strategy that meets the current and future needs. At Peter Rasla & Associates, P.L.C., they have continued to successfully deliver results for clients. They start by getting to know the situation of each person and determining if bankruptcy is right for them. If you are dealing with debt, allow them to evaluate your case through filling out an online form. They don't want to push anyone into something that is not right for them so if bankruptcy is not the best choice for you, they can work with you through other alternatives such as loan modifications, short sales and more.

Chapter 7 & Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

There are many reasons to hire an attorney and you will likely continue to see more benefits the longer your case persists. The firm offers individual legal representation in bankruptcy, and can assist clients as they file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Before filing, a debtor will be required to take the means test, which is used to determine whether or not a person's financial situation qualifies him or her for the discharge of debt through bankruptcy. It is imperative that the test is fully and accurately submitted in order to avoid potential issues, including denials, delays or even the potential for legal trouble (in the event that a person's financial situation was not fully disclosed).

Professionals at the firm are prepared to help you wholly understand how bankruptcy can help you, including the benefits that can be reaped from it. The firm shows clients what life after bankruptcy can be like, helping them to understand how their credit will be affected, how they can begin to rebuild it, and how to start financial planning in order to avoid future debt accumulation. From information on bankruptcy exemptions, to safe assets, to the details of a bankruptcy timeline, the firm will thoroughly explain all of the particulars of bankruptcy, so you know exactly what to expect as you proceed through the process.

Why work with a bankruptcy lawyer in Irvine?

When you are faced with a financially difficult situation it can be tough to turn your case over to an attorney, but this choice can likely substantially benefit your situation. How can an attorney help?

  • Evaluating your case to determine the right option.
  • Answering your questions and keeping you informed.
  • Looking at the details so nothing goes unnoticed.
  • Experience that works to your benefit.
  • Maximizing the results of filing.
  • Helping you avoid falling back into debt.
  • Assistance with how to rebuild your credit.
  • Making sure the correct steps are taken throughout the case.

When you contact the firm for help, a lawyer can answer all of your questions, including those about qualifying for bankruptcy. Their in depth knowledge of the process can allow you to avoid potential setbacks and can increase the efficiency of your case. Not only can they help you find a favorable outcome, they can also help prepare you for the future so that you do not slip back into debt. It is important that you file under the right type of bankruptcy and their lengthy background of experience can allow an attorney to better determine what the right course of action is for you.

Additionally, bankruptcy can come with a lot of paperwork and details; by understanding what to expect from the beginning, they can make sure that nothing goes unnoticed and that you are continually in the loop in your case. Finances can influence many of the most important aspects of your life. Failing to deal with debt or handling a bankruptcy in the wrong way can leave you in a worse off position than when you started. It is important that you are being represented by a professional that has the ability to find an outcome that improves your situation. You do not want to take chances by handling it yourself or by working with a lawyer that is ill-equipped to take on your case.

Resolving Debt & Providing Solutions

The law office of Peter Rasla & Associates, P.L.C. will invest as much time as needed to fully analyze your financial situation and determine how to best serve your interests. If you were victimized by creditor harassment, the firm can help you take legal action against the credit collection agency that violated your rights under law. They offer information and legal representation in cases of foreclosure defense to protect your property or reduce the ramifications of a foreclosure.

At every step of the way, skilled legal counsel and advice about concerns such as discharging your debt will be provided. Under the guidance of a lawyer at the firm, you could be on your way to financial freedom from credit card debt and medical bills; you might even be able to stop a repossession or end wage garnishment. When you need professional legal representation in Irvine, you need the law office of Peter Rasla & Associates, P.L.C. A bankruptcy can be the answer you are looking for and their firm may be able to provide you with the tools to get back on your feet. Filing can help to free you from debt or provide you with a reasonable plan that allows you to pay off debt. Don't wait any longer because the more time that passes, the harder it may be to resolve your situation. Get in touch with the firm today for caring and reliable counsel in bankruptcy law.

Peter Rasla & Associates, P.L.C. also serves the residents of Aliso Viejo, East Irvine, Corona Del Mar, Orange County, Anaheim, Santa Ana, Garden Grove, Fountain Valley and Costa Mesa.

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